KD's Trail

1692 Creations
KD’s Blogspot, sharing her art and writing. (2012)

Pinewitch Instagram
KD’s personal account. (2015)

Weirdo Vintage Instagram
KD’s Instagram account dedicated to selling “vintage, antiques oddities, books, secondhand coolness, rocknroll”. (2015)

BadTasteBrooches Instagram
Fairly certain this is KD’s. Purposed only for her hand-made, one-of-a-kind resin brooches. (2015)

KD Cyr in Tracey Moberly’s Tweet-Me-Up!
KD’s biography on Tracey Moberly’s site dedicated to documenting the artists and art featured in her Tweet-Me-Up! event/installation in The Tanks of Tate Modern, London. (August, 2012)

Mohawks Rock
KD’s profile on a site dedicated to mohawks. (May, 2010)

KD’s Twitter
0 tweets. (2012) Zombie Santa invades Smithville; you’d better watch out!