Cheek Dream

Dreamed of a party somewhere in the woods, near water.

It was warm out. Dusk setting in. Overcast.

Many were there, but I recall Mina and Ron. And KD’s mom.

We saw KD.

She looked the same as the last time I saw her.

We were all talking with her, but now I can’t recall what was said.

The tone was that of unnecessary surprise on our part.

We didn’t need to be upset because obviously, here she was before us. No problem.

I couldn’t believe she was really there.

I slowly reached out to her face as if to ask to touch. She nodded approval, and I gently felt her cheek.

She didn’t really respond to it and she didn’t laugh at the idea of me doing that, which I might expect.

The idea that things were okay again was shaken.

She is missed.

– Todd

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